Monday, December 19, 2011


A thought entered my head that I should try for 200 blog posts by 2012. Almost as quickly, it flew out again.  I'm not sure I have enough fodder in my wee brain to go from 183 to 200 in just a week and a half.

The fodder really is there but by the time I get around to writing it, the interest level for me has waned.  If I am not interested than the few faithful blog friends I do have definetly won't be interested.  But for the sake of being at least a little interesting, here is an example of the kinds of thoughts that rattle around in my brain. 

I could live in a nudist colony if it weren't for all of the other people.  So it would really only be a colony of one.  Think of the benefits.  Very little laundry.  Clothing costs would be greatly reduced.  I would probably keep myself in better shape since I would ALWAYS be looking at what is normally hidden.  But darn the down side of it all- which is why I would be a colony of one - I don't want to see other people naked.  I REALLY don't want to see other people naked.  I REALLY DON'T want to see other people naked.  Think of the activity list - naked croquet, let it all hang out barbeques, in the buff bingo, and instead of strip poker it would be dress poker.  You lose and you have to PUT ON and item of clothing. 

So maybe I couldn't live in a nudist colony but it sounds good on the days when the clothes are too tight and it sounds like a great idea when I am stripping off a layer because my personal thermostat doesn't have a "cool off" button.  And it sounds like one hell of an idea when I am procrastinating laundry day. 

* IF you are reading this an live in a nudist colony.  Please excuse my ignorance as the ramblings of small town, sheltered, Utah girl.... ;)


He Who Laughs Last said...

I like your thinking. I can tell we will get along just fine,

just call me jo said...

I say just resort to sweats and big sweaters. It's too cold for nudity right now. I don't like to see my own body naked let alone some one elses. (I'm prudish, I suppose.) You definitely have different fodder rolling around in your cute little head.

Shae said...

HI Amy!!!! Help me!!!