Saturday, December 31, 2011

Have I Mentioned....

How awesome my son is?  I know I have but it bears repeating. 

I have been struggling with a cold or flu bug all week.  I am feeling better today but yesterday was the worst.  No matter what I did, I ached.  I did too much in the morning and by the time we got home, I had nothing left.   While I was blissfully, droolingly, comatose on the sofa my son scrubbed the bathrooms, cleaned the kitchen, and disinfected all the doorknobs and surfaces.  True I asked him to do it and I paid him BUT he would have done it without the moolah so I thought I would show him my appreciation.

Tonight he is at a New Year's Eve party.  This is our recent text convo:

Mom: Having fun?
Son: Lots of fun
Mom: Any alcohol or drugs? :) Just doing like the commercial says. LOL *
Son: There is none of that but good parenting.! :)
Mom: Thanks.  Text me when you are on your way home. **
Son: K.
Mom: Love you!
Son: Love you, too!

* There is a commercial about how texting your child at parties or while out with friends can help reduce the use of drugs and alcohol.

** Not encouraging texting and driving.   He is not driving tonight and he knows use of his cell phone while driving will get both his license and phone taken away.

I am ready to go to bed but I know I won't be able to sleep until he gets home. Especially with all the crazies out there on the roads.

To another subject - Mcat will love this one - my BIL sent me this link today.   Once again I am impressed and thankful for our military.  No matter where they need to go, what they need to do, or whether the folks at home agree with the politics or not, tour men and women in uniform do what is  asked.  They and their families sacrifice so much for all of us and our country.  No matter your politics these sacrifices should be respected.  No-Laughing-at-the-Tomb-of-the-Unknown-Soldier.

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just call me jo said...

I hope you fell better. You do have a wonderful son. Our daughter is particularly disappointing to us right now. You are lucky. Yahoo for a new year.