Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mid-Week Ramblings

This picture represents my eating habits the last few days.  I just graze and graze and graze.  Perhaps this should be posted on the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets.  However, if looking in the mirror isn't enough of a deterrent I doubt a cow on the fridge will.  Come to think of it the message it sends would be more, "I need steak!" and less "Close the damn door, fatty."

My friend who had the CAT scan a few weeks ago has Colitis - or an inflamed colon.  Through the power of the Internet we discovered some great tips for what to eat and not to eat which means a low fiber - low residue diet.  So far he is feeling a little better but sadly can't eat most of the foods he enjoys.

I ran out of reading material and turned to the Bible for my before bed reading.  I had a marker in the middle of Matthew in the New Testament and went from there.  It has been interesting and I must say I tend to sleep better.  Either the words put me to sleep or God loves me and blesses me with a good night sleep for reading about Jesus.  Believe it or not that was actually funny in my head.

I really need to get out of the house more often.  I can count on one hand how many times I haven' t pulled my hair in a ponytail this month or put on more than a little mascara in the morning.  Sweats and workout pants are almost all I wear these days.  Maybe I should start working in the office again for a few days a week.

To end on a more positive note, a couple of the women in the Biggest Loser finale last night  weighed only 5 or 10 pounds less than I do now and they look fabulous.  It gives me hope that even in I can't lose all of the weight I want, if I continue to TRY, if I continue to work-out, and stop grazing then maybe I can look fabulous too.  Losing the sweat pants would help.


just call me jo said...

I too am a grazer. I too don't fix myself up as often as I should and shlump around in sweatshirts and old jeans. I wish I had a better image of myself also. It wouldn't hurt me to read my scriptures. (I can't say more because I don't really read them at all--yikes!! You'll get 'er done. I know you will. Keep on keeping on.

mCat said...

We should start a Grazer anonymous group. Seriously. And good on ya for the bible reading!

Cynthia said...

I was grazing on that awesome veggie-spinach dip (the one with the waterchesnuts that you make with a Knorr packet?) as I read this. Cool. There's spinach and green onions in it! It's healthy except for all that mayo and sour cream and the white carbs I slather it on! Better get me a cow picture too.

Oh- and try wearing jeans every day. They'll tell you real quick when the grazing has gotten out of hand. I wish I were wearing sweatpants!